FuneralZoom® - Allowing Funeral Professionals to Help The Families They Serve

In these difficult and trying times, FuneralZoom® is here for you and your family. Because we know how important it is to stay safe, yet we recognize the importance of being able to say farewell to a loved one.

Through the use of technology, we will take care of everything you need to have a thoughtful, personalized celebration of your clients' loved one's life.

We work in harmony with the services you have already provided your clients. While you may not be able to use your chapel or funeral home as you have in the past, we will allow you to be of greater comfort to the families you serve. All at no cost to you!

How Much Does It Cost You?

Nothing. Zip. Nada. FuneralZoom allows you to serve your families at no cost to you. There are no start-up costs associated with your participation with FuneralZoom.

We don’t provide in-person memorial/remembrance video services, specifically to allow our partners to retain this revenue stream for their business.

No Need to Prepare for a Service

Our service is offered entirely online. No need to tie up your employees with the burden of technology or preparing your chapel for a service. We take care of everything for you and your families.

Memorial Videos

If you have produced a memorial video for a family scheduling a service with FuneralZoom, you can upload it through our funeral professional's contact page or request a private DropBox link from us. We don't offer production services to families, so we would encourage you to continue to offer this service and we will include the video as part of the memorial service.

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What Is FuneralZoom?

FuneralZoom allows you to hold an officiated celebration of life or memorial for your loved one — online. You, and other family and friends will be able to express your feelings of loss and memories with each other, safely, from the comfort of your own home.

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What FuneralZoom Is Not

We are not funeral professionals. We work in harmony with these compassionate professionals to aide you as you say goodbye to your loved one.

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